Tjarda As a child, Tjarda already loved to make music.
When she was only 6 years old she joined a childerns-musical group. When she was 12 she joined a dutch Youth Theater School, with which she made a few tours through the Netherlands.
At the age of 13 she started taking piano lessons and entered any talentshow or playbackshow she could find in the neighbourhood. She had a few victories, but mainly because of her ‘weird’ (not mainstream) choices in music.
When she was 17 she got introduced in the Dutch Folk and Fantasy scene, after which she got addicted tot he sounds of the harp. Now she finally found her genre! After a few years listening tot his type of music, Tjarda decided to enter the stage in 2009 with her own folkband World of Stone. Soon after that she also joined the Melodic Metalband Buxom Prime as lead singer. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and both bands stoped several years later. In 2014 Tjarda decided to start her soloproject ‘Tjarda’.
And thats where YOU are now.

For a short periode of time Tjarda tried to turn her soloproject into a band calles Alis Foy, but she soon discovered that going solo was the best choice for her. At March 21st 2015 her first EP Wolf Child was released. The entire (opbrengst) of this EP is donated to two charitycases that stand for nature… and animalwelfare world wide, because Tjarda thinks thats very important.
On March 21st 2016 Tjarda released her first musicvideo Ostara’s Golden Sky. And now, May 2016, she will release her full length album with some high quality guest musicians.

Her soloproject aside Tjarda is active as a guest harpist frequently with the band SeeD Pagan Folk.
Festivals where Tjarda played are among others Castlefest, de Elf Fantasy Fair, FantasiaFest de Lindenhorst, Samenloop voor Hoop and Teylingerfest, created by World of Stone.

Wolf Child




  • Harpmeisje – Dutch historic youth novel written by Tjarda van Leiden
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Ostara's Golden Sky


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