Historic youth novel by Tjarda van Leiden

Kate had gotten very scared, she dropped her basket and made a run for it. She ran down the square, straight to the house, rushing inside and locked the door with the shutter. She dropped into a chair, exhausted and terrified, and then burst into tears. A little voice behind her said, 'What happened, mama?'

The Irish village girl Lucy looses her parents at a young age and gets taken in by her father's agressive brother. After years of torment, fear and uncertainty, Lucy sets off to find her mother's family, better known as the gypsies, the travelling people. Learning how to finally trust other people, her trust gets betrayed, only learning how to trust again. Will she ever find her family? And would she have the her mother's gift, to play the harp like an angel?

Harp Girl is a wonderful and touching story, set in medieval Ireland. Tension, fun, romance and sadness alternating in accordance. Of course there's also enough of the necessary historical information. A special debut by this young writer.

2010 / ISBN 9789085706403 / hardcover / 184 pages

€ 15,00

No English translation available

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